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Lessons from an Award-Winning Multichannel Campaign

Not every company can run a seven-year multichannel marketing campaign spanning direct mail, email, text, and personalized URLs. But every company can benefit from the lessons learned by those who do.  

One national bank has been running multichannel campaigns since the late 1990s. These efforts have won multiple awards, including those for best credit card, best digital media, and best multiple and integrated media campaigns.

The bank’s initial multichannel effort was for debt relief. It targeted customers with direct mail, email, and personalized URLs. On their microsites, respondents were shown personal stories from people who had successfully overcome debt, and respondents were able to choose from four financial debt relief plans.

The following year, the bank expanded its multichannel outreach to include a “swipe and win” customer retention campaign and official welcome emails for new customers. This was expanded the following year to include “super saver” and loyalty and reward programs.

Most recently, the bank began using integrated, multichannel messaging for its credit card renewal process, too.
  • Direct mailers were sent to recipients encouraging them to log into their personalized microsites where they could view new credit card design options and renew their cards. Once on their microsites, the bank exposed them to other services that might meet their financial needs.
  • Email follow-ups to the direct mail piece led recipients to a personalized URL where they could renew their cards and order additional services. The personalized microsites also allowed them to update their contact information.
  • Text messages were sent to nonresponders, letting them know that their cards were about to expire.
  • Once people renewed their cards, a follow-up email was triggered to automatically confirm their order.

Response rates to the campaign ranged from 27% to 41%, depending on credit card level or whether the recipient was simply renewing or upgrading to a higher level of card.

What lessons can you take from this?

  1. Use multiple, integrated channels to reinforce your message and make responding as convenient as possible.
  2. Combine messages, such as renewals and cross-selling, to maximize your marketing spend.
  3. Segment and personalize to increase the relevance of the messaging.
  4. Use your response channel as a way to update the respondents’ contact information and gather new data (such as mobile phone numbers).
  5. Because more than two-thirds of people now read email on their phones, ensure that all digital contacts are mobile-optimized.

Looking to create your own best-in-class multichannel marketing campaign? Give us a call!

Based on “Case Study: First National Bank” provided by MindFire.

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